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Gastric Sleeve Surgery with Dr. Alberto Aceves Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Mexico

Our Mentor: Dr. Alberto Aceves / Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Mexico

Dr. Aceves is one of the leading bariatric surgeon in the world with an impeccable reputation and a strong track record, Dr. Aceves has become the number one choice for weight loss surgery. Thousands of American and Canadian overweight patients have found a permanent weight loss solution thru gastric sleeve surgery with Dr. Alberto Aceves.

Dr. Aceves and his team believe that doing a proper and effective sleeve the first time will not only help you achieve rapid and successful weight loss but you will be able to keep your excess weight off permanently and you will end up saving money by not undergoing a second weight loss surgery.

Dr. Aceves technique has gained him the reputation of one of the most gifted bariatric surgeons in the world, teaching the vertical sleeve gastrectomy under the Johnson & Johnson sponsorship.

The Mexicali Bariatric Center team led by Dr. Alberto Aceves is committed to providing only the best Medical Care, with over 10 years of experience you can rest assured that all your expectations and needs will be taken care of.

Duodenal Switch Surgery in Mexico

We welcome Dr. Gilberto Ungson to the Mexicali Bariatric Center team.

Dr. Ungson is one of the leading bariatric surgeons in Mexico with an impeccable reputation and a strong track record in his 17 years as a bariatric surgeon. Dr. Ungson on many occasions worked shoulder to shoulder with Dr. Aceves performing bariatric surgeries and also taught Dr. Aceves the Duodenal Switch technique .

The Mexicali Bariatric Center team has great respect for Dr. Ungson's surgical skills and work ethics and are very proud to have him in our team of doctors. We are confident that our patients will benefit from his experience and technique and Mexicali Bariatric Center will continue to offer the VERY BEST medical services in Mexico as we have for the last 10 years.

Dr. Ungson is of Dr. Aceves closest friends and we know that Dr. Aceves really respected him for his integrity, work ethics and technique, we are pretty sure that our patient will only receive the best medical service available in Mexico

Message From Dr. Alberto Aceves and Mexicali Bariatric Center

My staf and I look forward in helping you reach your weight loss goals through any of the bariatric procedures we offer. We believe the best options for long-term success are the Gastric Sleeve, Gastric Bypass, Duodenal Switch Revision Surgey and lap band surgery. Long-term success is what motivates and means more to me than anythng. A successful, complication-free surgery is just the beginning of the journey. The start of a relationship aimed towards losing weight and keeping it off permanently.

We constantly receive compliments about our facilities; patients are very impressed with our modern facility and our higher standards. It is furnished with state of the art medical equipment; but best of all, operated by a certified, professional and caring staff. We strive to help patients through every aspect of their weight loss process, which will take them successfully to the ultimate goal: a healthier and happier life!

In finding a total solution to your surgical weight management you should look to factors such as the hospital facilities, and cost consideration without compromising the bariatric surgeon's experience and success rate. This will ensure you have the safest surgery experience with the best weight loss results possible. If you have a procedure done properly and safely it may be the permanent solution you have been looking for. When you sum it up, it will be clear who the right weight loss surgeon for you is, and you will make the right decision.

Yours truly,
Dr. Alberto Aceves - Certified Bariatric Surgeon

Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico such as the Gastric Sleeve , Gastric Bypass , Duodenal Switch , Revision Surgery and the Lap Band.

About Dr. Alberto Aceves / Certified Bariatric Surgeon

Dr. Aceves is not only the Head of the Bariatric Program at nationally-certified Almater Hospital -in Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico-. With over 6000 weight loss procedures -including 1800 gastric sleeve procedures- credit Dr. Alberto Aceves, who actually serves as Proctor for worldwide-known Johnson & Johnson. labs and manufacturing company as well as sharing his knowledge about the gastric sleeve procedures s with surgeons in different countries, attending continuous invitations to the subject's seminars and conferences world-wide.

Some of his academic achievements include:

• FACS Fellow of the American College of Surgeons
• Membership of the ASMBS (American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric surgery)
• Former president of Mexico's Bariatric Association, CMCOEM
• Twice invited to the Gastric Sleeve Procedure Experts' Standards Conference, among the top 25 gastric sleeve surgeons
• Specialized in Laparascopic Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery, expert in Revision Surgery

Even US surgeons have traveled all the way to Mexicali in order to have Dr. Aceves perform sleeve and revision surgeries on them.

Mexicali Bariatric News

Mexicali Bariatric Center's new website is on!

The Mexicali Bariatric Center, one of Mexico's best options for weight loss bariatric surgery proudly presents its new website: www.mexicalibariatric.com. The just-launched website offers a very complete spectrum regarding the bariatric surgical procedures available at the hospital.

Aside from valuable information, the website offers detailed videos and images enabling the user to completely understand every procedure and treatment. The Center's founder and director, Dr. Alberto Aceves, is optimist about how the new website will be able to spread the word about Bariatric surgery practice and cutting-edge treatments for patients world-wide.

The procedures detailed on text and images on the new official website include Duodenal Switch Surgery,Revision Surgery, Gastric Bypass Surgery, Lap Bans Surgery, and Gastric Sleeve Procedures. Dr. Aceves firmly states that the site's mission is to provide patients of the most-detailed info about all these procedures, as any decision regarding weight loss surgery should be taken once the most important information is known, like which individuals qualify for a proper procedure, what care should be taken before and after the procedure both in the short and long terms, before and after pictures of patients who underwent the procedure and other factors.

Mexicali Bariatric Center's knowledge base is wide open through this website, so people are properly informed about weight-loss surgery. Our staff did a very hard work detailing every step of every method, thus bringing the most complete info online about this subject... And in case there's any doubt not covered in our website, our communication channels are open to solve any doubts or questions about the procedures via e-mail, phone or in person", adds Dr. Alberto Aceves.

The website also displays relevant data about Dr. Aceves and his staff, to make sure every single patient is being treated by the best doctors available, with a better than proper training in their craft. Other features to be found are written, photo and video testimonials, and tools to plan a proper surgery through financing info and written health tests. Even the best tips for your trip to Mexicali to become a pleasant stay and an experience worth remembering.

For more info, visit www.mexicalibariatric.com or call 1 888 344 3916. Mexicali Bariatric Center, the Americas' choice forGastric Sleeve (VSG)*, Gastric Bypass (RNY) Lap Band and Revision Surgery.

*Gastric Sleeve Procedure (VSG): one of the newest kinds of bariatric procedures. It is also known as gastric sleeve resection, sleeve gastrectomy, vertical sleeve gastrectomy and laparoscopic sleeve.

How does Gastric Sleeve Surgery (VSG) work?

VSG implies a removal of about 85% of the stomach; afterwards, this organ will be shaped as a tube or sleeve. This is a laparoscopic surgery done through five small incisions. Surgeon views through a small camera (laparoscope) inserted in one of these incisions. The stomach -with its new tube shape- is sealed with staples and the dr sutures over this staple line. Some cases imply a further procedure after a gastric sleeve surgery; these possible posterior interventions may include: a Gastric Bypass Surgery (RNY) or Duodenal Switch Surgery, depending on the amount of weight lost on short term after VSG. This "staged" approach reduces any risk had both procedures happen during the same surgery. According to weight lost on the immediate months after the first procedure, the second one should take place between 6 to 18 months after VSG.

Am I a proper candidate for Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

The vertical sleeve procedure is supported by well-documented studies of scientific hierarchy and is considered a primary bariatric procedure, just like the Gastric Bypass or Lap Band Surgery. A patient with a BMI of 30 or more is considered a candidate for surgery. Overall health history needs to be taken into consideration as well. Gastric Sleeve Surgery may be an alternative for people not able to return to follow-up appointments, as required by lap band or Realize Band procedures.

Before Weight Loss Surgery...

• Quit smoking at least 10 days before surgery. Otherwise, your risks of infection, blood clots, slower than normal healing, pneumonia and other life-threatening after-surgery complications increase. • Pe op Diet. Some patients are required to do a pre op diet for a week or more before being subject to this procedure. Surgeon will give you specific pre op instructions according to your BMI and medical history.

How long does the gastric sleeve surgery take?

The patient is under general anesthesia for the procedure, lasting an average of one hour.

After surgery, how long will it take for me to recover?

A gastric sleeve implies an inpatient recovery time of a three nights at the hospital and total recovery taking up to 2 weeks. The abdominal region is often sore and swollen for several days. The patient will be prescribed pain-killers. Patients also undergo a readjustment to solid foods by taking a liquid-only diet for ten days, then 10 more days of full liquids, 10 days of soft foods and solids afterwards. Between six months to a year after Gastric Sleeve Surgery, on average our patients lose 94%of excess body weight. Also, patients with diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and/or sleep apnea show improvements after undergoing VSG.

After recovery from VSG...

Patients are recommended to:

• Exercise with regularity.

• Learn any technique able to help modify their behavior (not only eating behavior but also related factors such as anxiety, depression, etc.).

• Follow specific dietary instructions for life, like: chewing thoroughly while eating slowly, consuming small quantities of food at a time, swallowing food only after it is completely mashed, as well as avoiding eating and drinking at the same time.

Possible risks and complications derived from Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Sleeve leaking. The procedure requires some internal stapling in the stomach; there's always a chance that some staples won't hold, thus a chance for leaking to happen. Leaking stomach acids frequently evolve into infection of surrounding tissue and/or other problems which may require the patient to undergo another surgery or draining through tubes.

Blood clots.

Re-gain weight. Stomach tissue can stretch.

However, it does have several advantages over gastric banding and other procedures:

• It avoids wound infection.

• There are no foreign objects left in the body as it happens with gastric banding surgery, in which bands may slip, erode or become infected.

• Different to gastric bypass or duodenal switch, gastric sleeve does not imply bypass of the small intestines, so all nutrients are absorbed and very little chance exists of absorption issues.

Other "must know" facts about Gastric Sleeve Surgery...

• It's non-reversible.

• Does not require any adjustments.

• Do not induce nutrient malabsorption.

Does my insurance cover this surgical procedure?

Insurers are beginning to cover the cost of gastric sleeve surgery in the US.

About subsequent procedures...

Sometimes, the full extent of weight loss may not happen before undergoing a second procedure, such as a gastric bypass or a Duodenal Switch. The natural 2nd procedure after the sleeve is the DS. You should now that for some patients plastic surgery may become necessary after massive weight loss in order to remove excess skin and fat, thus providing the body of a shapely profile. Some common post-bariatric recurring procedures are arm lift, tummy tuck and body lift surgeries. **Body Mass Index is obtained dividing a person's weight by its height

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