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Success stories that have passed through Dr. Alberto Aceves' hands via bariatric weight loss surgery... Individuals whose lives' share now a crossroads path after visiting Hospital Almater, undergoing any of the surgical weight loss procedures practiced at Mexicali Bariatric Center (gastric sleeve, duodenal switch, vertical gastric sleeve, revision surgery, lap band, gastric bypass, RNY). Find out who they were before the operation and how they face the world RIGHT NOW.


Ami Boal

Dr. Aceves Patient

Ashley Jones

Barbara & Dawn


Betsy Adams

Bill & Darla




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Dr. Alberto Aceves Weight Loss Surgery Patients
Dr. Alberto Aceves Successful weight loss surgery patients, before and after pictures.
Dr. Alberto Aceves
Mexicali Bariatric Center
Weight Loss Surgery Patients Before and After Pictures
Weight Loss Surgery in mexico is consider a permament solutions for American and Canadian overweight patients seeking bariatric surgery.
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